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design luminaires

The term “Tensegrity” is a combination of the words “tension” and “integrity” and describes the active interplay of tension and compression forces.
Lars Meeß-Olsohn’s passion for the strikingly and artistically designed Tensegrity Sculptures by the sculptor Kenneth Snelson (who made initial forays into tensioned freeform designs almost 60 years ago) led to the development of his “Light Structure” series of luminaires. These pre-tensioned structures contain (illuminated) compression struts that do not touch each other but instead are just held in tension in space by a bracing system of tensioning cables.
The various models follow the structural principle of “form follows force” using highquality components and materials to achieve an exact balance between the internal tension and compression forces.
The system’s fascination is partly due to its striking filigree nature and partly to the almost infinite possibilities for combining and expanding the system.