LED Tube 100 small

Small LED tubes L = 800 mm at castle tower in Switzerland. Tubes were mounted underneath.


” Tensegrity ” is a combination of the words ” tension ” and ” integrity ” and describes the active interplay of tension and compression forces. In cooperation with Archxx the designer Lars Meeß – Olsohn, whose passion for the stringly and artistically designed Tensegrity sculptures by the sculptor of Kenneth Snelson, led to the …


Library at Hilden – Germany

Meeting point for new media activities.The funnel form of stretch material covers a column.Size of funnel and light ring H = 3,70 m D = 5,40 m, eqipped with RGB controlled LED’s.
Idea and design : Reich und Warmser Architects, Düsseldorf.
Realisation : Archxx and Lars Meeß-Olsohn

Berlin Stairhouse

Stairhouse application with Light Structure at the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations BDA in Berlin City. The structure has a height of 20 m and dia 0,80 m, realized with model T3-150 and coloured sleeves.